From cardboard to boxes, a comprehensive range for use in every market

Ondulor meets the packaging requirements of all market sectors: fruit and vegetables, pizza, food, industry, trades, services.
An offer ranging from different types of corrugated cardboard to the entire range of packs (American boxes, pizza cartons, die-cut boxes, machine erect boxes, display boxes, in many shapes and sizes).

Each package is the result of study and design work carried out in collaboration with the customer company to meet its specific packaging, transportation and distribution needs of (form, graphics, size).


The 5 goals of an Ondulor packaging item

  • Optimise the packaging according to the different palletizing, storage and transportation needs.
  • Work on the structure and materials used so as to produce high performance boxes: sturdy and damage-proof during transportation and stacking operations.
  • Offer efficient and innovative packagings, suitable for the various stages of use (moving, handling, display and disposal).
  • Provide up-to-date design and graphics solutions with a high visual impact, capable of meeting the company's communication needs.
  • Use materials and manufacturing processes for packaging designed for the food industry that can ensure food safety.