Team spirit, sharing and a sense of responsibility

A number have worked in the company for 30 years, and many spent their whole working life in Ondulor until retirement. For a significant number, knowing that they can be relied upon is an absolute point of honour and they are all convinced that everyone is more valuable if they work together with others in harmony.

The 100-plus employees are a valuable business asset for Ondulor. They work in production, logistics, administration, sales and design, creating a balanced mix of well-organised roles and responsibilities, that share the same team spirit and deep sense of belonging.

A skilled and experienced team, that has been able to grasp and interpret the example and guidelines provided over the years by those in the company leadership, towards respecting, caring for and attending to every detail.

A team which Ondulor counts on today to continue to provide products in the paper industry with a level of service assistance that is always on-hand to meet the most advanced needs of its customers and the market.