Satisfying customer needs and surpassing their own expectations

Meaning: offering the boxes that we produce together with a truly personal service, provided with that same unfaltering passion for people.

This approach has always been a feature of the way we do business: an ability to be there and to understand the needs or problems of our customers until they become our own and we finally find a satisfactory solution.

It is a philosophy that is not rhetorical but a stimulating and satisfying modus operandi on a day-to-day basis, which enjoys increasing appreciation among our customers who support this commitment of ours towards high-quality professional service.


More than 40 years of hard work and enterprising initiative

Two brothers from the Brianza region in Lombardy with a common and virtuous aptitude for launching an enterprise, a fortuitous meeting at a professional level, enthusiasm for taking up a challenge and crossing the sea to the island of Sardinia, tenacity in the face of hard work, confidence in believing in people, strength gained from the first positive results, ongoing investment for continuous development and improvement.
A lot has changed since that distant 1973 when Alberto and Francesco Redaelli founded Gra-Car in Oristano, a small manufacturer of corrugated boxes determined to take up the challenge and fearlessly face the market and local and continental competitors.

1984 marked the turning point: in a strong position after positive results, Gra-Car decided to buy out and acquire the name of Ondulor, a local competitor clearly in need of reorganisation and development.

The purchase and subsequent enhanced performance of the corrugator machine (also in 1984), the automation of the entire production line (including planning and preparation of orders), the inclusion of waxing machines to produce moisture-resistant packaging for cold storage of fruit and vegetable produce, the switching from one to
6 processing lines and the resulting ability to produce any kind of box, the high-definition 6-colour printing plant, the all-in-one automatic line for packaging, strapping and filming in the warehouse: these are the milestones that highlight the ongoing achievements of our company in the field of corrugated packaging.

A consolidated position in the market in Southern Italy and the Islands and market-leader in Sardinia with total market coverage. This was made possible thanks to the scrupulous and innovative way that both the old and new generations of our family have always managed the business, successfully interpreting the needs of the different commercial sectors with various, customised packaging solutions.
Commitment, being-there and professionalism are the primary assets that we share today together with our 100 employees who have acquired, over the years, that same sense of dedication to the company and to hard work, together with a team spirit that is essential for making a collective contribution towards the shared objective of growth and improvement.